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What’s your order? DS9 is my no. 1. Then TNG or Voyager, then TOS, then Enterprise because I haven’t finished it yet.

2 years ago · June 19, 2012 · 12 notes
  1. suckstoyourblog said: tos is almost in another category for me. like…the crack award goes to tos. the flawless character development award goes to ds9. and the glorious manbear french captain shut up wesley fully functional dancing doctor award goes to tng.
  2. sharpless said: this is the only acceptable order i will punch anyone who disagrees
  3. oyveyzqueer said: enterprise above voyager!!! ???
  4. gentlenight said: I never know where to rank tos because it’s so different. It’s enjoyable in different ways to the other shows. But it was the first show I watched and I never imagined the others could be as good and then each new trek show I watched became my fave.
  5. apolloadama said: me is ds9 tng voy/ent (equal) tos
  6. wandaventham said: tos is like unrankable to me because with the others it’s like ranking, i don’t know, different types of fruit, but then here comes tos the mythical rainbow fruit that tastes like candy that you used to love as a kid wow this metaphor makes no sense
  7. pythonoid said: same but i rank voyager above enterprise just because it’s produced some pretty decent femslash
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